Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

The weekend of Memorial Day is upon us, the school year is ending and everyone is dusting off their BBQs. Summer is coming! Ahhh summer. Land of sunscreen and sunshine! Of camping, of beach days, of foggy San Francisco mornings! Yes fog! In fact, summer is one of our foggiest seasons! But what a beautiful sight it is creeping under the Golden Gate Bridge and tumbling away over Sutro Tower in morning as the sun begins to warm the city and you enjoy your trek across it in a light sweater. Meanwhile your friends visiting other great cities across the nation melt into puddles of sweat under humidity and oppressive heat.

But since my check from the SF tourism board seems to be lost in the mail, we will return to talking about food. Maybe you signed up to bring dessert to the next pool party pot luck in your neighborhood. Maybe you are hosting the big holiday BBQ and you need the perfect prep ahead dessert to cool you down after working your magic at the grill.

Ice Cream and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches.


Sound daunting? It’s simple! Just stick to these two rules: 1. Bake your chosen cookies soft and chewy, NOT CRISPY 2. Keep your ice cream COLD

When I make these I usually use my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and some good old fashion vanilla ice cream. I make the cookies slightly larger than usually (about golf-ball sized when I drop the dough onto a cookie sheet to bake) and I bake them until the cookie is cooked through and just beginning to brown. If your cookies start to crisp, they will break too easily when you try and sandwich ice cream between them. Crispy cookies: good for dunking in milk, bad for ice cream sandwiches.

It might seem like soft ice cream would be easier to work with here, but in my experience it just becomes a soggy mess. If your cookie has good structure but is still a little soft, it will handle the cold hard ice cream just fine! You can scoop and cut your cold ice cream into a ball or square about the size you want and gently but firmly press it between two cookies. You can use a butter knife to even out the sides if you like.


These can be eaten right away or stored in the freezer. If you are using them later the same day they can be stored in any freezer safe container or bag. If you are going to hold on to them for a few days, I recommend wrapping them individually in saran wrap before popping them into your freezer safe container to cut down on ice burn and keep your cookies nice and soft. Individually wrapped sandwiches are also easy for guests to grab from your freezer or ice chest when ice cream starts calling their names.

2 dozen cookies and 1 quart of ice cream will get you a dozen sandwiches. Have you ever made ice cream sandwiches? What ice cream/cookie combinations would you try? Leave a comment bellow!


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